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If you find yourself in need of a criminal defense lawyer, you are probably thinking: What do I do now that I have been arrested? You might be frantically searching online for “defense attorneys near me.” And, you are dealing with it all while secretly hoping that your court case will just “go away.” Many of the criminal cases we handle do “go away” or are reduced. And usually your odds are best if we are involved early in the case. Our advice if you have been arrested or charged? Please talk to a lawyer immediately!

Pawuk & Pawuk offers free, no-obligation consultations in criminal cases. And we aren't your typical criminal defense attorneys. As former State Prosecutors each with over 20 years of experience, we give straightforward, honest advice about what you're facing and whether we can help.

If we take your case, it becomes our case: we will personally keep you updated and answer your calls and emails. Call us today to see if we can make your case “go away.” Or learn more about why clients hire us.

Based in New Port Richey, Florida, our attorneys practice throughout Pasco County and in most of the surrounding area, including Pinellas and Hernando Counties. In addition to our criminal and juvenile defense practice, we offer experienced legal advice and representation in select immigration and eviction cases.