Arrested for a Probation Officer's Mistake

You may not believe this, but people do get arrested for a probation officer's mistake - sometimes with no bond. An Example: The other day I was in court in Pasco County, Florida; and a young guy was asking for termination of his probation because he was done with all the conditions and had paid all his fines and costs. He had receipts and banks statements showing deposits in JPay right on his phone. (JPay is the online system you can use to pay costs of probation) The probation officer in court said the guy owed over $900.00. But the probation records were wrong. Luckily the guy saved his receipts, to prove it! Otherwise, he would have been arrested for a probation officer's mistake, for not paying his costs on time. Arrested Here's another one. When you enter your plea in court, and the Probation Order specifically calls for "Automatic Early Termination" upon completion of tasks and costs, that means you are off probation when you've done everything - automatically. You keep going to probation, asking for your PO to submit the termination paperwork, but it never gets filed. They keep taking your monthly costs of supervision. You look at your records and realize you are done automatically, so you stop coming in. The P.O. violates you and you go to jail with a No Bond hold even though you did everything the judge asked you to do. That's a probation mistake, not yours. It is very important that you hire an experienced Pasco County criminal defense attorney to handle your violation of probation. There are often small errors made by the probation officer that could mean the difference between jail, a longer probation sentence than is necessary or termination of your probation. Sometimes it is not even done intentionally, but without a careful eye to review your paperwork, you may be setting yourself up for a trip to jail or a probation sentence that is completely unnecessary. Call our experienced New Port Richey criminal defense attorney's today to review your case.