DUI Video: Everything you say and do is recorded

DUI Video

One of the less pleasant events in defending a DUI is when I watch the DUI video. In most cases, I have heard a fairly long and detailed explanation of what happened at the time of arrest. Most times, my client advises me that they performed very well on the Field Sobriety Tests and that they were not drunk at all. Sometimes, they are even aware of the fact that most of the incident was recorded by a camera located in the police cruiser. However, on many occasions the video reveals something far different than the description of the event given by my client. And it's not good. You can obviously go to YouTube and watch some of these videos yourself. Some are real, some are fake. As a prosecutor and defense attorney, I have watched dozens and dozens of these videos over the years. I watched a girl literally go into the Karate Kid Crane Pose on one leg during the field sobriety tests at the police station. I have alsoDUI VIdeo watched blubbering, swaying clients telling the police that they were "not that drunk" after telling me in the office that they were sober. Getting the results of a breath test at around a .25% BAC (which is more than 3 x's the legal limit) after being told by the client that they only had three beers is yet another common story. The point is this. When you are stopped for DUI, there is a high probability that you are being recorded.
  • Be polite and immediately ask for a lawyer.
  • You will be told that you don't have a right to a lawyer during the DUI investigation, but ask anyway.
  • Although I cannot advise you to refuse a breath test, common sense should make you aware that if you are drunk, any statements and evidence you provide will be used against you.
There are many nuances to DUI law and if you have been arrested, you should call our experienced DUI attorneys immediately!