How do I get my adult child out of my house? Ejectment!


Many parents let their adult children live in their homes during difficult times. Sometime these "children" take advantage, and the parents want them out. But since there's no lease agreement, and usually no other agreement, written or verbal, it's difficult. How do I get my adult child out of my house? You can:
  1. File an Ejectment action in the Circuit Court
  2. File an eviction if there's a written or oral lease with specific terms.
  3. File an Unlawful Detainer action, which is sometimes the fastest way to go.
There are other reasons why these factors are important. For example, if your adult child won't leave, and fights the legal action, they might claim that they have paid rent in the past and file a motion to dismissEjectment the Complaint because it is filed in the wrong court. See Florida Statute Chapter 83. A Motion to Dismiss the Ejectment will cause the case to be set for a hearing before a judge. And it drags out the process. Meanwhile, the person you're trying to get rid of is still living in your home. It can be a disaster. An experienced Pasco County eviction lawyer, Hired in the beginning of your case, can prevent all of this. When you call us to discuss your specific Ejectment case make sure you know:
  • How the adult child moved in initially.
  • Why?
  • Did you ever have an agreement as to money that might be paid for rent, or bills, or food, or even cleaning?
  • Was the agreement in writing - it's ok if it was verbal.
  • Did you agree to a specific length of time the adult child was to live in your house?
  • Why you want them out now. (It doesn't have to be a major issue, it's your house, your rules.)
Our experienced Trinity eviction attorney will examine all the facts of your case in detail. At this point, the best approach to removing your tenant (or squatter) will be determined. An Unlawful Detainer action or Termination of Tenancy may be the best approach under the circumstances and could accomplish removal of the individual in a far shorter time. Contact our Pasco County eviction attorney today to evaluate your case.