Felony Violation of Probation Bond

Felony Violation of Probation Bond

Felony Probation is tough - in fact it sucks. But you're not in prison, and you MUST push through it. If you violate felony probation - you either are in jail - or are about to go. (Note as of 9/26/16 I'm updating this blog - you may not have to go, if it's your first violation and you enter into the Alternative Sanctions Program) CALL any criminal defense attorney before you turn yourself in!!! We know how it works in Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando and Hillsborough counties - and Felony Violation of Probation Bond is always $0. Only the judge who sentenced you to probation originally can change the bond. That means no bond. No bond until you see the judge who sentenced you. So what if you were sentenced in Pinellas, but your probation officer is in Hernando and they VOP you? -You get arrested in Hernando on the VOP -Taken to Hernando County Jail -Wait to be transported to Pinellas (can take 1 - 12 days, that's an estimate) -Then once you're in Pinellas County Jail, you sit and wait for a court date. -Could take 6-8 weeks. No joke. Your felony violation of probation bond will most likely be zero, and at your first appearance the judge will not give you a bond! This is because the only judge who can approve a bond on a felony violation of probation is the judge who sentenced you. This means that after you are arrested, you will most likely sit in jail until you get a court date. Usually, that takes about a month. However, if you hire a private criminal defense attorney, they can often get a court date much sooner. In addition, a private attorney will usually contact your probation officer to determine the nature of your violation. He or she will also contact the assigned Assistant State Attorney to see what they recommend as a sentence. If it is not a willful violation, or simply a failure to make timely payments, your chances of getting a bond or being re-instated on probation increase significantly. That means that you may be released on your first court date, and may not even need to bond out. Even though you will usually know why you violated, sometimes the only way to find out is by reading the violation of probation affidavit. You will most likely not have a copy of this before your first court date, that is why retaining a private attorney is crucial. It can cut the time you spend in jail significantly. Of course, you must be aware that if you committed a new crime or you score prison on the sentencing guidelines, your case may be more difficult to resolve. However, your private attorney will at least get an earlier court date and you will have a chance to get a bond. Contact our experienced Pasco County criminal defense attorney's today to evaluate your case.

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