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Naturalization Benefits

Many Green Card holders (Lawful Permanent Residents) choose not to become Naturalized Citizens for many years. There is nothing wrong with this but there are some very basic benefits to Citizenship which could come in useful. First, you cannot vote i… Read More
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Fiance Visa

Fiance Visa One of the roads to gaining lawful permanent resident status in the U.S. is through a Fiance Visa. This process begins while your fiance is living in his or her home country and you file an I-129F petition on his or her behalf. If the pet… Read More
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Update Your Address for Immigration

Update Your Address for Immigration It may come as a surprise to many Lawful Permanent Residents that you must update your address for immigration records within ten days of moving! The form used is called the AR-11 and requires no fee. Some clients… Read More
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