Legal Services for Landlords & Property Owners

Legal Services for Landlo…

Pawuk & Pawuk offers the following legal services for Florida landlords and property owners. We serve Pasco County and most of the surrounding area, including Pinellas County and Hernando County.

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Eviction Proceedings

Pawuk & Pawuk have years of experience helping Florida landlords protect their rights and investments when tenants fail to pay rent or otherwise breach their leases. Florida law requires landlords to follow very specific requirements to evict a tenan… Read More

Unlawful Detainer Actions

What is an unlawful detainer? Quite simply, when you allow someone to live in your home, whether it’s an adult child or a girlfriend or boyfriend or a friend and you ask them to move out, and they refuse, AND THERE IS NOT A LEASE AGREEMENT, you mus… Read More

Meet Our Attorneys

Stephanie T. Pawuk's Profile Image
Former State Prosecutor — Clearwater, FL 15+ Years Experience
Stephanie's clients come from all walks of life and are usually the type of people who would never be considered “criminals.” Her main goal is not to let one mistake ruin the rest of their lives. Read More
Daniel N. Pawuk's Profile Image
Former State Prosecutor — Tampa & Clearwater, FL 15+ Years Experience
Dan is a hands-on advocate who will keep you informed about your case and educated about your options. Despite the number of cases he has handled, no case is ever a number to Dan. Read More

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Can you recuse a Judge for Facebook “friends”? Some Florida courts say that you can. Some say you can’t. Like all things legal – it depends on the facts. Thinking about your own Facebook account, how many “friends”… Read More

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