Running from the Police

As we all know, running from the police can be a bad idea. Along with whatever charges the police might be chasing you for, they will usually send a dog after you which will find you and bite you. If you've ever seen the bites from a police dog, you probably would never run. Flight from law enforcement can be used as evidence of guilt in a trial. It will almost always allow the police to add an additional charge of Resisting Arrest without (or sometimes with) Violence. X Alligator Even the alligators wear a grin on Kiawah Island, voted ‘America’s Happiest Seaside Town’ by Coastal Living magazine. Credit Kiawah Island Golf Resort [Via MerlinFTP Drop] I've seen tons of cases where the person fleeing from the police, on foot, runs or swims through a pond. In Florida this is a horrible idea. Yesterday in Florida, the police recovered the remains of a suspect they were chasing IN THE BELLY OF AN ALLIGATOR. Right, the guy was eaten by an alligator while running from the police who were chasing him for some alleged residential burglaries. I can't think of a worse way to die. When a gator eats prey, they pull it under the water to drown the prey. This suspect drowned, his body was recovered in the pond, and the gator was found and euthanized. Inside the gator were body parts consistent with the injuries on the mans body. Yuck. So don't run. Just take it, go for the ride, and hire a a competent lawyer.
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