Why Choose Pawuk & Pawuk

Knowledge of the legal system inside and out.

With over 20 years of experience and having served as a State Prosecutor in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, our attorney knows how the "system" works and how to navigate it.

Free consultation when it matters most.

If you were arrested, you need a lawyer. Don’t wait for a court date – call right away. Consultations in criminal cases are free. Your case will be handled with care from the beginning, before you ever see the inside of a courtroom.

No pressure or "lawyer-talk."

You will not be talked down to or judged. You have a right to hear, in plain language, what's going on in your case and what your legal options are. You'll get honest answers and if this is not the firm for you, you'll get an honest answer about that too.

Every call and email answered.

All clients are spoken to directly. Your phone calls and e-mails are answered. Many times clients will even have access to the office cel where they can text questions. You will be kept up to date on the status of your case and not be left in the dark.

Choose Pawuk & Pawuk

Learn more about results in criminal cases and hear what former clients say about the firm. To schedule a consultation, contact the firm.