10-20-Life: Unfair Florida Gun Laws

Years ago, Florida’s “tough on crime” legislature enacted a gun law called 10-20-Life, which says that if you possess a gun during the commission of a crime, it is automatically punishable by 10 years in prison, if the gun goes off,… Read More
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Juvenile Probation Sanctions

If a child is placed on probation the following are some of the requirements he or she might have: NOTE THAT THE TIME TO ARGUE OR DISAGREE ABOUT THE CONDITIONS OF PROBATION IS NOT AT THE TIME THE CHILD PLEAS TO THE CRIME. THE DEPARTMENT OF JUVENILE J… Read More
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Public Defenders v. Private Attorneys

I recently listened to a podcast by an experienced criminal attorney, who happens to be a public defender, named Elena Saris, talking about the differences between public defenders and private attorneys. While her blog focused on statistics of the ou… Read More
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Running from the Police

As we all know, running from the police can be a bad idea. Along with whatever charges the police might be chasing you for, they will usually send a dog after you which will find you and bite you. If you’ve ever seen the bites from a police dog… Read More
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Traffic Stop for Dark Window Tint

Traffic Stop for Dark Window Tint Let’s say you just bought a used car and the police do a traffic stop for dark window tint. You never had the windows tinted, the car came like that. Or let’s say you recently had the windows tinted by a reputabl… Read More
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Probation Violations – Dirty Urine

When people hear about probation it sounds like a great alternative to jail or prison. But probation conditions are tough! Just the costs alone are enough to bankrupt most people. Some of the conditions of probation are: Fines and court costs, usuall… Read More
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