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Stopped for an Obscured Tag?

What is an Obscured Tag? Simply put, it is a traffic violation for having a license plate on your car which has something covering the numbers, letters registration sticker, or any of the writing on the plate – like the word “Florida̶… Read More
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Dan Pawuk wins DUI appeal in Pasco County, Florida

Daniel Pawuk specializes in DUI’s. He loves the technical legal issues involved in DUI’s. He knows more about Breathalyzers than scientists. He knows more about the administrative rules than most cops. And he loves to cross examine police… Read More
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Police Questioning Pasco County, Florida

What do you do if the police want to question you? What happens if you receive a call or are otherwise asked to appear at a police station for questioning in a crime? Should you go? Should you bring an attorney? Will they arrest you? This blog will a… Read More
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