Public Records: What Can a potential employer really see?

Public Records   Many people contact our office to discuss whether their prior criminal cases are public records and if they can be expunged. But what happens in a case where an individual has not been arrested or charged with a crime. What if… Read More
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Destroyed Evidence

Destroyed Evidence The laws regarding destroyed evidence are not as favorable to the accused as you may think. Many times this issue comes up in DUI cases because police failed to preserve a video tape of field sobriety tests. It has also come up… Read More
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Crime and Judgment: Hot Car Death in Palm Harbor, Florida

The judgments we make about those who are accused of crimes is interesting. During an exercise class yesterday, I overheard two women talking about the recent death of a child left in a hot car, in Palm Harbor, Florida. They were saying how horrible… Read More
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Alternative Sanctions Program Violations of Probation

Quite simply, the alternative sanctions program allows people to avoid court if they violate felony probation for a minor rule. In the past, a violation of felony probation meant a sure trip to jail. Not anymore. In both Pinellas and Pasco Counties,… Read More
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Naturalization Individuals attempting to become U.S. citizens through naturalization often believe that there are only a few requirements. This may be true in many instances, but an experienced Pasco County Immigration attorney can make sure that y… Read More
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Crime Involving Property Damage

Crime Involving Property Damage In Florida, when you commit a crime involving property damage it is called criminal mischief. You may think that getting mad at your neighbor after a few beers and keying his car is not that big of a deal, but it is… Read More
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Landlord Tenant Basics

Landlord Tenant Basics I receive dozens of calls each month from individuals who want to know the landlord tenant basics when they are about to get evicted from a home. The most usual scenario involves the tenant’s failure to pay rent, or rec… Read More
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Felony Violation of Probation Bond

Felony Violation of Probation Bond Felony Probation is tough – in fact it sucks. But you’re not in prison, and you MUST push through it. If you violate felony probation – you either are in jail – or are about to go. (Note as o… Read More
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Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal Defense Lawyers People sometimes ask if Criminal Defense Lawyers are useful in every case? That is, are some cases just not worth hiring a lawyer for? The short answer is probably not. Take for example the recent case of deranged murderer A… Read More
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Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking When most people hear the words “Drug Trafficking” the immediate image that comes to mind is a shipment of crates, perhaps in the back of a small van, filled with hundreds of pounds of marijuana or cocaine. Unfortunately,… Read More
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Former State Prosecutor — Clearwater, FL 15+ Years Experience
Stephanie's clients come from all walks of life and are usually the type of people who would never be considered “criminals.” Her main goal is not to let one mistake ruin the rest of their lives. Read More
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Can you recuse a Judge for Facebook “friends”? Some Florida courts say that you can. Some say you can’t. Like all things legal – it depends on the facts. Thinking about your own Facebook account, how many “friends”… Read More

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